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WHAT WE STAND FOROur key principles & company DNA

Consistently Focused

We ensure that we are fully focused in every aspect of our processes to maximize our clients’ success.

Thorough Analysis & Research

We always do everything in our power to analyze and assess any market or decision we make.

Proven Track Records

We continuously produce outstanding results for our clients and investors around the globe.

Trust & Integrity

We establish an amazing relationship with everyone that we work with, founded on trust and integrity.

Our TimelineA condensed timeline of our major milestones from our inception, to the present day.

  • 2011

    Start of our journey

    We were founded in 2011 by Mr.Benoit and partners. We had a small team of 14 and we began our journey.

  • 2012

    Beginning of something new

    We were slowly starting to find our needs and establishing relationships with clients and investors.

  • 2013

    Slowly progressing

    We started to see slow progression and growth, even though some of the markets were in a difficult place.

  • 2014


    We became a fully established company with a team of over 100 employees with a great portfolio & resume.

  • 2015

    New Markets

    With our team and portfolio base growing, we ventured into new markets with great caution & research.

  • 2017

    Secured Position

    In this year we secured many great contracts and investors and hit an all time high on our profits & portfolios managed.

  • 2019


    We are now an award winning service who caters to thousands of clients and investors around the world, with a team of over 180.

About usHere is some information about SDS Financial and what we strive to accomplish.


Success for everyone

Here at SDS Financial we believe that the progression of our team & our company, is directly correlated to how much wealth and success we bring our clients and investors. We hire and develop outstanding individuals who embody the same set of morals and beliefs that are rooted in our companies DNA.

With any client or investor, we go above & beyond to fully understand the clients’ needs and goals so we can competently assess and strategize the best solution and plan that suits the clients’ individuality.


Expert Investment Advisory

SDS Financial thrives on our attention to detail and extensive research we do in every aspect of our business decisions. Providing data on nearly 200,000 investment offerings that range from stocks, alternative markets, Commodities and similar avenues, accompanied with real time global market data.

At SDS Financial we have a fantastic history, with over $3.5 billion in assets in our portfolio and management, which also allows our new clients to have the full confidence to start their financial journey with a proven team that has seen great success over the years.


Up-to-date and well analyzed

We have repeatedly shown how valuable we can be to investors and clients. Our business model is based on providing the most up-to-date, high-quality data with great methodologies and objective research that we ensure is always thorough and extensive. This is delivered through a wide range of media and outlets. Our processes give us confidence, to work closely with our clients and provide the best solutions and options for their investments.

Our dedicated analytical team are strategically positioned around the world to uphold and maintain our analysis accuracy.. This includes collecting and analyzing data on stocks, separate accounts, alternative markets, hedge funds and other investment opportunities and ensuring it is precise, reliable and as safe as possible for our clients. This assists the customer or investor to make the most informed decision, based on the most accurate information possible, allowing the growth of their portfolio which manifests into the success of everyone involved.

Make your finances
work smarter for you

Become a client at SDS Financial and learn how your finances and investments can work to bring you the optimum return on investment.

  • Invest with no hassle or wasted time
  • Let your investments work smart and efficiently
  • Achieve financial freedom for you and your family


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